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Keep up with you competitors on social media

It is very important to keep an eye on your industry. Now healthcare industry is more and more dynamic and fast moving. By understand competitors more, we are able to detect and determine suitable marketing strategy to increase branding effects. Many healthcare food brands regardless large or small, they move focus to social media such as Face book, Twitter. Because the customers become highly dependent on on-line community. They visit virtual shops on their device wherever they are, on bus, at bedroom or working place. If we ignore competitor`s on-line actions, it could be a big loss on market battle. So don`t fall behind.


Why such important to track others

There are many reasons to look at what your “neighbours” doing. You might get more information on their promoting products, how they launch new fish oil capsule. Also we will find that they might have different business insights. So that we can reconsider to improve our perspectives. More importantly, the conduction between your competitors and customers can be seen. By understand these; we can do more about customer base and find what is more attractive and interested for followers. Joel introduced a few tools to assist analysis, which measure output by data and figures.

How to keep up with your competitors

There are several ways to catch your competitors on social media. Either following or liking them post, or subscribing on their open page. Most healthcare brands maintain their page like organize their real shops. Blackmores Page as example, they update their content and keep them refresh. As a follower and give them a “like”, even leave your comment which also been responded. It is also great to know that what they are putting in the first place and what customers like most. Therefore, we will get much more valuable information from that.



How to use the information

We can improve our product and brand from the information gained. The best thing is to find out what `s working for our competitors and what is not. So that we can gradually learn from those lessons. The concept is not to copy competitors` content but the plan and strategy can be used to us. To look at their contents, we will be inspired and motivated by our competitors. Moreover, we can use the information found to build up relationship with competitors. Sometime, cooperation is business strategy and benefits both business.


Product samples, the smart pre-sell strategy

Have you ever tried some yogurt or sausage samples in supermarket? It could be a little special shopping experience which is a close conduction with real products. The approach is a slight pre-sell marketing action however; sample has more magic working on purchasing process in fact. According to Sean`s content, sample is impressively important to healthcare food industry. Regardless of tastes, people also consider food functionalities, presentations, qualities and many other factors influencing their purchasing decision.

Why give samples

Samples are part of the business and product. By providing our premium NZ honey spreading on toast for trail, it is a kind of loss of business. But the strategy is quite fair enough to some extent, right? People are curious and cautious choosing their personal healthcare products, because customers do not want waste money to test unfamiliar stuffs. However, in front of potential customers, a little sample makes understand more about your sales point. It is more like to read table contents of a book, before readers decide to go for it or not. Customer and business, could introduce to each other smoothly and friendly with a simple trail.


What stand behind?

Once customers take your samples, they already show their interests of your business. They might read information of products, choose different flavours Sampling breaks through barriers. Instead, people will concentrate your interaction and service.


Their perception is more likely to take your products and use them. It is a large awareness increase about your brand. For example, Red Seal ,has famous ranges of Vitamins bottles, but more categories are also identifies such as organic tea, toothpaste. So that there are more benefits bring to you business.

How strong the action effects?

For customer, it minimizes the risk of purchasing, and it could be imagined that how the feeling is about getting free gifts when you are shopping. Good impression is working shoppers mind in long period. In real case, some businesses very really good experience on sales increases. The survey shows that yogurt has the highest rate increase by sampling. So that the strength of this marketing cannot be ignored, this is significant marketing approach in fact. Enjoy your trails. : )


Optimizing social branding for healthcare food brand

Healthcare food industry is taking large market portion nowadays. And the market is to become digital rather having face to face communication with customer. Because people have more usage on social media instead of exploring physically. The higher dependence with social media the customers have, the more important social exposure for business is. Many new healthcare products are shown to customers over popular media such as Face book, Twitters. The effects are even stronger than ordinary conduction. How the magic works on people, and what to improve from the points. Kristi Hines gives clear statements about that.


  1. Optimizing the Facebook Page.

Social media page helps people getting close to business and products. To manage the website and pages, it is likes organizing real shops. What is displaying presents what the business creating. Many healthcare food businesses have their Facebook page available. The most points to show are the product functionality. However, the successful Facebook marketing presents keywords of the themselves as their page`s name. Because when people google keyword, the Business with coming up at top due to accurate keyword presentation. In other word, it does not depend on how big the brand but how the word close to people heart.


  1. Optimize Twitter Profile

If we come to twitter profiles, the closest way to good Google search from customer side, is that Google take one of the latest tweet along with your profile name, username and so on. Twitter profiles with keywords in the name or username get higher rank than others in Google search. Here is an example search about Fish oil. Although Blackmore`s fish oil is popular through New Zealand and Australia, it is still not on top of list from the Google search. No matter how great pages are made, customers have the habits to click the close option to see result.


  1. Optimizing LinkedIn Company Page

Company pages with keyword in LinkedIn with higher ranking for Google search. So there is the thing. If we want business page coming upwards, we have to mention the main key product or popular sign in the business name. For example, Red Seal have various production on food or other categories. Their LinkedIn name is “Red Seal Natural Health Ltd”. So that the higher rank will result from “Healthcare” Google search. There is a video below showing the exactly important step grabbing audience’s attention.

In conclusion, if we can get keywords in our page name or mentioned in profiles. It is very helpful to increase the audience’s number. Healthcare food industry is very close to people‘s life. It is not one-day increase growing business. In terms of that, it is more essential to have an effective interface on social media.

Customer loyalty: We can build it up!

loyalty pic

People are buying healthcare products because they consider that good life standard is important matter to them. This industry is becoming more and more popular for publics. In the same time, the market competition is getting cruel too. Healthcare food industry is not in one-off or fast change market environment. Continuous consumption is the key strategy in this place. Therefore, it is necessary to grab and keep customers with long-term loyalty and trust. Decent reputation and strong customer relationship are important business values. The article published by Ravi Shukle, demonstrate quite good point about how to plant loyal market base through social media.

  • Personalize customer experience

This is the first interesting point that enhances customer loyalty for our brand. Many healthcare food products focus product function but building customer experience might be more effective to do that. Coca-Cola and Heinz ran successful promotion by introduction customized bottle. It allows people put unique name or content for “own” bottles and send to anyone they want. People are very quiet satisfied by special experience. It builds up people’s loyalty, ownership, spreads the effects through people’s network. It is brilliant idea and method.

  •  Offer with rewards

Rewarding is a popular method to give a thumb for customer sharing good experience in their social networks. The new reward is more advanced than simply give promotion when people are buying more products. It is not like that “Buy two get one free”, or “purchase happy meal and get a toy”. However, people are encouraged and rewarded by introducing or inviting friends with products promotions. The concept is to use people social media community raise business awareness. Reward fans based on the quality of the interaction, not the quantity. Healthcare food customers would like look at comments about product over manufacturers themselves.

  •  Listen to your customers

Customer feedbacks are always important information and business data, and they are helpful to build up business loyalty. No matter what sound they could be question, problem and praises but these are true response about your business. Positive actions can be done through App or Webpage where are quite convenient to customers at present. By looking relevant information, we can explore more potential and customers will feel that they are treated with care and focuses. It is good feeling right?


See you next time~

Data analysis tells secret of you and your customers

More and more businesses are on the way of using digital. With fast technology development, Information becomes important part of asset for enterprise, because it helps them in many ways. More interesting thing is that digital information tells secret around business and customer. Marketing now is based on data analysis. Healthcare product is designed for people wellness. It requires data resource on R&D and customer studies. According to article, I am going to point how data and analysis benefit business. And which direction could improve healthcare food industry.

Customer behaviour Analysis

People take care of healthcare food in order to enhance personal life standard and being away from disease. Data collection gives very sound resource of customer shopping preference and habits. Their behaviour contains deep implication of think and consideration. The conduction method can be various but normally unknown for customer. Clients could be looked through into their heart. Business will have opportunities to adjust products even apply marketing strategies to boost their sales.

Data Timing and marketing action

Healthcare food industries is not limited in local shops at the moment. It is commonly available on-line or other medium. From various marketing environment such as Web, TV even radio, now. The technique is able to calculate the rate of views and audience. The data is closely connected with business action. For example, people browse business page at certain peak hour. Marketers can post their new release in the same time to maximise the product effects. And in the morning time, people may be impressed by breakfast product category, So that it is chance to conduct with them.

Manage interaction channel between

Now customers are quite “sensitive”. People are impressed by some special stuffs and also be disappointed by unfavourable situation. When people are visiting business page for browse products, they could leave straight away due to picture she/he does not like. Sometime, they are looking at special slogan for a while, and imagine how well product could be. The interaction channel gives customers first impression of the brand. If they don’t like the page, and rarely like your product.


Measure actual customer behavior using big data analytics

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What can make healthcare food businesses being fresh in market?

In the fast growing marketing environment, People naturally have high expectation of fresh products. It is large unsatisfactory when they are served with boring or undesirable dishes. Because customers` need are not fixed, and it continuously changes with situations. The similar points are illustrated in the article, it gives the leading concept on what makes customers feeling you are always fresh healthcare business.

  • Keep a mind of improvement

Most popular and attractive healthcare product are not in old style. Current businesses brainstorm in order to combination delightful elements into product, for instance, ingredients, presentation, and updated recipe. To match customer favours, the developer might jump out of the image to achieve these. The concept is helpful to create innovative idea for marketing. Brilliant ideas are always coming when people do not focus on digging them out. Instead of, thinkers are inspired by surroundings. They have a heart of transplanting into their businesses.


  • Don’t be afraid of “going wrong”

When innovative things been generated, they could perfectly good but also could be unsuccessful in market. They become a lesson to success. At least, failure tells that it is not a proper approach to conduct with customers. I know that should not do it again. Marketing content should keep updating and innovating because the whole customer base are dynamic and fast-changing. There is an article discussing more about it.

  • Need to listen customer`s voice

Customers have own preference on how to cook their steak. It can be imaged that all steak are made in well done. Many healthcare businesses are afraid to ask customer satisfaction about their service or product. The fears come due to avoiding negative feedback or complaints. However, conduction with customer is primary data resource to our brands and products. It could seriously determine how to develop products serials. Many marketing research approaches such survey or questionnaire are used to improve customer experience nicely. It is close and effective actions between business and customers.

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