More and more businesses are on the way of using digital. With fast technology development, Information becomes important part of asset for enterprise, because it helps them in many ways. More interesting thing is that digital information tells secret around business and customer. Marketing now is based on data analysis. Healthcare product is designed for people wellness. It requires data resource on R&D and customer studies. According to article, I am going to point how data and analysis benefit business. And which direction could improve healthcare food industry.

Customer behaviour Analysis

People take care of healthcare food in order to enhance personal life standard and being away from disease. Data collection gives very sound resource of customer shopping preference and habits. Their behaviour contains deep implication of think and consideration. The conduction method can be various but normally unknown for customer. Clients could be looked through into their heart. Business will have opportunities to adjust products even apply marketing strategies to boost their sales.

Data Timing and marketing action

Healthcare food industries is not limited in local shops at the moment. It is commonly available on-line or other medium. From various marketing environment such as Web, TV even radio, now. The technique is able to calculate the rate of views and audience. The data is closely connected with business action. For example, people browse business page at certain peak hour. Marketers can post their new release in the same time to maximise the product effects. And in the morning time, people may be impressed by breakfast product category, So that it is chance to conduct with them.

Manage interaction channel between

Now customers are quite “sensitive”. People are impressed by some special stuffs and also be disappointed by unfavourable situation. When people are visiting business page for browse products, they could leave straight away due to picture she/he does not like. Sometime, they are looking at special slogan for a while, and imagine how well product could be. The interaction channel gives customers first impression of the brand. If they don’t like the page, and rarely like your product.


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