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People are buying healthcare products because they consider that good life standard is important matter to them. This industry is becoming more and more popular for publics. In the same time, the market competition is getting cruel too. Healthcare food industry is not in one-off or fast change market environment. Continuous consumption is the key strategy in this place. Therefore, it is necessary to grab and keep customers with long-term loyalty and trust. Decent reputation and strong customer relationship are important business values. The article published by Ravi Shukle, demonstrate quite good point about how to plant loyal market base through social media.

  • Personalize customer experience

This is the first interesting point that enhances customer loyalty for our brand. Many healthcare food products focus product function but building customer experience might be more effective to do that. Coca-Cola and Heinz ran successful promotion by introduction customized bottle. It allows people put unique name or content for “own” bottles and send to anyone they want. People are very quiet satisfied by special experience. It builds up people’s loyalty, ownership, spreads the effects through people’s network. It is brilliant idea and method.

  •  Offer with rewards

Rewarding is a popular method to give a thumb for customer sharing good experience in their social networks. The new reward is more advanced than simply give promotion when people are buying more products. It is not like that “Buy two get one free”, or “purchase happy meal and get a toy”. However, people are encouraged and rewarded by introducing or inviting friends with products promotions. The concept is to use people social media community raise business awareness. Reward fans based on the quality of the interaction, not the quantity. Healthcare food customers would like look at comments about product over manufacturers themselves.

  •  Listen to your customers

Customer feedbacks are always important information and business data, and they are helpful to build up business loyalty. No matter what sound they could be question, problem and praises but these are true response about your business. Positive actions can be done through App or Webpage where are quite convenient to customers at present. By looking relevant information, we can explore more potential and customers will feel that they are treated with care and focuses. It is good feeling right?


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