Healthcare food industry is taking large market portion nowadays. And the market is to become digital rather having face to face communication with customer. Because people have more usage on social media instead of exploring physically. The higher dependence with social media the customers have, the more important social exposure for business is. Many new healthcare products are shown to customers over popular media such as Face book, Twitters. The effects are even stronger than ordinary conduction. How the magic works on people, and what to improve from the points. Kristi Hines gives clear statements about that.


  1. Optimizing the Facebook Page.

Social media page helps people getting close to business and products. To manage the website and pages, it is likes organizing real shops. What is displaying presents what the business creating. Many healthcare food businesses have their Facebook page available. The most points to show are the product functionality. However, the successful Facebook marketing presents keywords of the themselves as their page`s name. Because when people google keyword, the Business with coming up at top due to accurate keyword presentation. In other word, it does not depend on how big the brand but how the word close to people heart.


  1. Optimize Twitter Profile

If we come to twitter profiles, the closest way to good Google search from customer side, is that Google take one of the latest tweet along with your profile name, username and so on. Twitter profiles with keywords in the name or username get higher rank than others in Google search. Here is an example search about Fish oil. Although Blackmore`s fish oil is popular through New Zealand and Australia, it is still not on top of list from the Google search. No matter how great pages are made, customers have the habits to click the close option to see result.


  1. Optimizing LinkedIn Company Page

Company pages with keyword in LinkedIn with higher ranking for Google search. So there is the thing. If we want business page coming upwards, we have to mention the main key product or popular sign in the business name. For example, Red Seal have various production on food or other categories. Their LinkedIn name is “Red Seal Natural Health Ltd”. So that the higher rank will result from “Healthcare” Google search. There is a video below showing the exactly important step grabbing audience’s attention.

In conclusion, if we can get keywords in our page name or mentioned in profiles. It is very helpful to increase the audience’s number. Healthcare food industry is very close to people‘s life. It is not one-day increase growing business. In terms of that, it is more essential to have an effective interface on social media.