Have you ever tried some yogurt or sausage samples in supermarket? It could be a little special shopping experience which is a close conduction with real products. The approach is a slight pre-sell marketing action however; sample has more magic working on purchasing process in fact. According to Sean`s content, sample is impressively important to healthcare food industry. Regardless of tastes, people also consider food functionalities, presentations, qualities and many other factors influencing their purchasing decision.

Why give samples

Samples are part of the business and product. By providing our premium NZ honey spreading on toast for trail, it is a kind of loss of business. But the strategy is quite fair enough to some extent, right? People are curious and cautious choosing their personal healthcare products, because customers do not want waste money to test unfamiliar stuffs. However, in front of potential customers, a little sample makes understand more about your sales point. It is more like to read table contents of a book, before readers decide to go for it or not. Customer and business, could introduce to each other smoothly and friendly with a simple trail.


What stand behind?

Once customers take your samples, they already show their interests of your business. They might read information of products, choose different flavours Sampling breaks through barriers. Instead, people will concentrate your interaction and service.


Their perception is more likely to take your products and use them. It is a large awareness increase about your brand. For example, Red Seal ,has famous ranges of Vitamins bottles, but more categories are also identifies such as organic tea, toothpaste. So that there are more benefits bring to you business.

How strong the action effects?

For customer, it minimizes the risk of purchasing, and it could be imagined that how the feeling is about getting free gifts when you are shopping. Good impression is working shoppers mind in long period. In real case, some businesses very really good experience on sales increases. The survey shows that yogurt has the highest rate increase by sampling. So that the strength of this marketing cannot be ignored, this is significant marketing approach in fact. Enjoy your trails. : )