My name is Meiyu Li, and friends rather call me May. I`ve been the beautiful country for a few years. It creates much good memory for me when I travel, stay and study here. Now I quite love this land, people here and my uni.

The good thing to me is that the combination of NZ and Chinese culture background. And I used into my works. I gained unique experience about marketing. Once I decided to study in the major. I opened my on-line shop, also organized my customers on own which I am really proud of.

I am normal girl but being independent and supportive to myself which is I genuinely and shamelessly take credit for. I am not afraid to face challenge and come to the country alone. I am developing and learning toward better of me.

I want to be known for hardworking and positive attitude for my life. I also keep “can do” in mind to motivate and encourage myself.  If I get praise due to my achievement, I will be happier than getting gold.

I have my own definition for success. It is not the point you reaching certain level. But the continuous process of trying, is what I admires for being success. Because when I am on the way and never give up, I will grow to unlimited high.